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14 July 2007

More political slogans

The pragmatic faction of any movement is the co-opted faction.

"Revenge is a lazy form of grief. Most of us got over that initial reaction."--Liberty Lover, quoted on Thom Hartmann radio program

"Liberty without socialism is privilege, injustice; socialism without liberty is slavery and brutality."--Mikhail Bakunin

The far right is far from right.

I'll believe in the free market if and when the free market believes in me.

Free speech implies the right to SCREAM!

The clothes don't make the man; the clothes destroy the man. That's why a man in a suit is referred to as a suit.

"No incorporation without representation"--Paul

"Silent Freedom is Freedom Silenced"--ThisCanadian

"As long as each individual is facing the television tube alone, formal freedom poses no threat to privilege."--Noam Chomsky

"If politics is ugly, then realpolitik is downright revolting."--Wonquette

Power knows no conscience.

Britain ... will this year export 111 million litres of milk and 47 million kilograms of butter, while simultaneously importing 173 million of litres of milk and 49 million kilograms of butter.--Menno Salverda

Anarchism implies anagorism.

"Risk taking is fabulous... -- but not when it's involuntary."--New York magazine, quoted by "living on less"

"Temp-to-perm" is HR-speak for "Permatemp."

Grandchildren are not an entitlement.

still more slogans:

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