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25 September 2008

Quotations with links

"I don't have anything against fiscal responsibility, I just don't think it's fundamental enough as a value to go in a tag line--and there are times, like now, when short-term fiscal 'irresponsibility' is the most responsible long-term course..."--Shawn Fremstad

"If we keep bailing out huge corporations can we please stop pretending that corporate CEOs are paid so much more than the rest of us mere mortals because they are such epic-scaled risk-takers?"--Dale Carrico

"It's been said that a society can be judged by how it treats its weakest members; and in a society based on social contacts--'It's who you know, not what you know'--those with the least social currency are very easily near the bottom of the heap."--chaotic idealism

"The Republicans have been dismantling the social safety net for the last 30 yrs, and meanwhile globalization has crept in and taken the real jobs out of the US, to be replaced with iffy service sector jobs that require lies to sell, sell, sell and sell more to make big commissions for some, with lots of job hunting for the losers and low pay support jobs for everyone else."--real person from the real world

"But in order for us to take care of each other better, we need an economy that is based on surplus rather than scarcity. Which is of course easier said than done, and talking about it does nothing for the people who are out in the cold."--Ted Lemon

"[Thomas] Sowell acts as if the only power that damages the will of the people as expressed through the so-called free market is the government.. Not once in his column does he mention the word corporation -- yet a corporation is a significant center of power."--Michael Meeropol

"If you work through the existing structures you are going to be corrupted."--Howard Zinn

"Television is noise. People are televisions. That's what raised them. And that's what they think they are. They crave ever more stimulation: action, drama, noise, explosions, crashes and LOUD DIALOGUE!!!!!"--Mr. Heathen

"Black people - having been property - understand full well that citizens' rights must trump property rights; we are the one group for whom the alternative is obvious."--Glen Ford and Peter Gamble

"Through markets, comes resource allocation, on the basis of vote by the wallet."--Bulent Sayin

"And there's nothing quite like idly flipping past Oprah, noticing that she's talking about great money saving tips, and discovering everything she suggests cutting back on is stuff you've never ever once in your life indulged in. Christ."--Jennifer Kesler

"Slavery is the legal fiction that a person is property. Corporate personhood is the legal fiction that property is a person."--Sanford Aranoff

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