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26 October 2007

"Earlier in the morning, and the reason why an officer was in McDonald's in the first place, was that there had been a robbery. One officer responded to the robbery call. On the other hand, there were at least three police cruisers on the scene and six or seven officers involved to sort out the alleged crime of a homeless woman needing to use the bathroom. What is wrong with this picture?"--Mike Rhodes

"Our future includes such things as, kidnapping for extortion (since only the living body of the truly rich is worth anything now), giving rise to the power of the 'gated community'; meaning that we should expect to see more almost medaeval walled areas within our cities, leaving behind the similarly medaeval ghettos."--Murdock

"In a world without walls or fences, what need have we for windows and gates"--cht

"In order to create a revolution that can put an end to all domination, it is necessary to put an end to the tendency we all have to submit."--Venomous Butterfly

"...if we insist on remaining affluent we will need to remain heavily armed."--Ted Trainer

"For many people it no longer makes sense to organize around their work situation. Our work is constantly changing, it is never really defined."--Jacobito

"I always thought the rolodex factor was something strongly implied, but never discussed. ... Now people are explicit about and even screaming about their rolodexes. I guess that’s the market economy in action."--Elisa

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