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02 May 2009

Quotations with links

"Competition among individuals and even individual cultures, in order to empower a broader base to a unified multicultural society, goes too far when dominance over the other individual or individual cultures degrades and demeans our very existence."--Ed

"A Website that can't be viewed with Lynx is a Web site not worth visiting."--Jurily

"I do so love the fact that I have the right to buy the Uncola from the same company that makes Cola! It makes me feel so different and such a non-conformist! Lord, what freedom of choice we enjoy in this land of liberty!"--Dennis Loo

"I once investigated for this blog if any of those factories where Mr. Rogers once showed kids how things were made were still in business. The results were just too depressing to share."--jdg

"Introversion is simply a culturally disliked way of life; and mental illness shouldn't be defined by culture."--chaotic idealism

"We've already voluntarily given up huge amounts of privacy, and the sky hasn't fallen in. What is needed is for parties other than ordinary citizens to lose more of their privacy."--Nicholas Wilt

"in other words, anarchists are not just trying to equal the playing field, we're trying to change ... the maimed character structures of people. living in this fucked up world for so long, we're miserable on the inside, so we do things to hurt each other. this is one major reason anarchists have specifically sought out all forms of authority and hierarchy, (like racism, sexism, or homophobia) not just the big 3 (state, capital, religion)"--xveganx

"Of course, mandatory [drug] testing means that everyone is a suspect, and everyone must submit. Aren't these the same right-wingers who are complaining loudly that Obama's supposed 'socialism' is all about taking away our rights and enslaving us in a totalitarian state?"--David Neiwert

"Iceland didn't break capitalism. Capitalism broke Iceland."--Lindsay Beyerstein

"Hyper-individualism - the adjunct of neoliberal corporatism that isolates us from one another as market agents to the benefit of global capitalism - accidentally led us into thinking that 'aloneness' was a virtue. We've psychologically detached ourselves from one another and fiscally and physically eviscerated the public realm."--Mike Soron

"This tension is the strongest, the most unbearable, there where professional practice already bears within itself the possibility and the demand for this categorical break, but is at the same time constrained to make a practice located beyond relations of value pass through the needle's eye of valorisation; where, in other words, we are forced to 'promote' ourselves, that is to commoditize and sell ourselves to live, even though our activity brings us to oppose the constraints of self-promotion experienced as a mutilation."--André Gorz

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