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16 February 2008

Quotations with links

"Economic Democracy is not just about capital that is technically owned by workers, it is not a form of worker capitalism over another group of workers."--Tom Vouloumanos

"The only thing it takes to make a person disabled, after all, is a social expectation that some other kind of person is normal."--abfh

"Taxes and unions got us out of the depression. Redistribution of income. Taxes on the rich, the money used to build infrastructure and provide good jobs, and unions to force the corporations to give raises and benefits. In a consumer economy you want more money in the hands of the consumers - not the rich. DUH!"--Dave Johnson

"Republicans only want schools to graduate young people ready to work, not to think critically and they have so denigrated public education for so long that it could be decades before the system recovers."--Charles 2

"But something's worth saying plainly that gets downplayed by Wall Street and other neo-liberal free-trade fans: Just as water seeks its own level, Indian foundry workers and other semi-skilled professions will enjoy a slow increase in wages and opportunities over the next 40 or so years as they approach some kind of parity with the West. We, on the other hand, will have to see a more precipitous drop in living standards in order to contribute to that journey to equilibrium point. When we get there, here will feel more like India than India will seem more like us."--fouro

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