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01 April 2008

Quotations with links

"They have to flatten the economy for the world to be flat."--antu

"The trouble with the American Left is that it's American."--ddjango

"I have no problem with spy cameras or those who watch them. They have provided me an excellent opportunity to keep up my marksmanship skills."--anon.

"If a cis woman's life is completely opaque to me as a trans woman, then I fail to see how a cis woman could possibly understand my life."--Lisa Harney

"In Westernspeak, the West nuking other countries does not qualify as the use of weapons of mass destruction."--Paul Craig Roberts

"But wait you say, who cares about 'idealism' and 'litmus tests', you'll vote for any democrat just so long as they can beat the repugs? (go blue team go! We'll win the meaningless trophy of hollow authority this year!)"--R. Mildred

"You know those 'Reagan Democrats' we keep being told we have to move to the right to get back? Well, like Digby says, They Aren't Democrats."--Avedon Carol

"Sounds like the people at the DOJ didn't get past the first chapter in their economics textbooks, to the part where it explains how barriers to entry are one of the primary impediments to a healthy market."--David Alpert

"What's all the fuss about this 'digital rights management' stuff? It's about copyright holders making you into the 'adversary', and trying to control your use of products even after you've bought them, through technological means -- backed up by laws and 'inter-industry negotiations':"--Seth David Schoen

"This video supports my long-held belief that political figures should be allowed in the media only when the clips are a minimum of five or ten minutes, unedited. Soundbites would be outlawed."--Michael J.

"For Facebook or equivalent to really monetize beyond CPM (which has already proven to be weak) it will end up being an online equivalent to Amway and then people will quickly see that being pestered by tons of 'friendly' sales people is not a good bargain for having some basic communicaton tools."--Bernard Lunn

"Why give away our secrets? Because if they stay secrets, we're fucked."--CrimethInc

"If I felt that someone else was mapping my conversions and the relationships they represented - and wasn't prepared to have the same done to them, I would soon stop talking."--Euan Semple

"What sesame street teaches is how to watch sesame street."--Juliet Schor

"The second workshop on status was structured as a game where we were given gems that we had to trade to work our way up the status latter. It quickly became clear that some were born wealthier than others. I was a member of the poverty class. Realizing we would never win by getting money and realizing that whenever a member of our group did well, they were shipped off to another group, our group decided to aim for bottom, maximize happiness and conversation, and laugh at the other groups going crazy. The wealthier classes were much more invested in succeeding and one of the members from the upper-middle class nearly went ballistic over how the game was rigged and she wasn't able to win. Gotta love a room full of Type A personalities. Anyhow, this provoked a fun conversation and my table got to talking about the status structures of badges (not unlike those at tech companies where there are permanents and contractors and temps and whatnot)."--Danah Boyd

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