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09 September 2010

Back due to writer’s block, Quotations with links

“Taxes and regulations should be eliminated from the bottom up and subsidies and welfare should be eliminated from the top down.”—Keith Preston

“Most people work just hard enough not to get fired and get paid just enough money not to quit.”—Steve Bieda

“Confusion to Big Sib! Clarity to little sib!”—Necrodata Thanatos

“…for many people, defenses of individual autonomy and deep suspicions of authoritarian concentrations of power will be complemented by equally foundational defenses of a need for fairness…”—Dale Carrico

“Idealists consider the revolution successful only if the ideals are adopted by 100% of the people. On the other hand, pragmatists consider themselves successful if they are able to rule with 100% of the power.”—Jeremy Weiland

“It’s a devil’s bargain. While in a vacuum, winning greater rights and acceptance for the queer community is obviously desirable, such gains can serve to bolster other systems of oppression. I demand liberation for all of us, not just respectable white gay men. Instead of trying to do better under the current rules of hierarchy and competition, we need to move to a new game where nobody loses.”—Summerspeaker

“If patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel, pragmatism is the first refuge of the scoundrel. Bakunin always shines a critical light on the compromisers and those who insist that we have to settle for less.”—Anarcho

“The gift of $100, though not much - is in fact something. Whereas, in today’s money-based economies, being alive is not a guarantee of economic access - hence the greater value of the $100.”—Rebecca Burlingame

“The reality is Lake Wobegon in reverse. About 80% of us are below average. Not you or I perhaps. But then again, I read somewhere that 19% of us consider ourselves to be in the top 1%, and many more think we have a real shot at being there. And so we toe the line, and tow it, I suppose.”—Wyn, a.k.a. LVT Fan

“Firstly, to identify as market anarchist places undue emphasis on the economic aspects of life at the expense of broader social concerns. I want a market economy (at least partially), but I do not want a market society. Secondly, why should we emphasize market production at the expense of, say, household or peer production? Are these not equally as important and liberating? Thirdly, the term ‘market’ should not be used loosely to mean all voluntary actions.”—Ernst York Gander

07 September 2010

Yet another astroturf takes to the airwaves

This one calls itself Public Notice. So far, Source Watch has nothing to say about them (or maybe I just don't know how to navigate Source Watch). Their rhetorical spin could perhaps be called piig-baiting, but I call it civil-servant-bashing.

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