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21 May 2011

New home for the blog formerly known as 'Es un alimento muy completo.'

I'm joining the mass exodus. The mission (such as it is) of the present blog will be continued at See you there!

17 May 2011

A brand new baby meme?

Seems one of the featured (bankrolled) videos on YouTube is some kind of astroturf presentation condemning what they call the "bad cap tax." A Google search on the quoted phrase "bad cap tax" (as of this writing) produces exactly one result.

16 May 2011

Another day, another Romanian malware site

The website

directs one to

which runs an apparent Java exploit which shrinks the browser window to a very small size. Re-maximizing it reveals the message:

Windows Security 2011 has found critical process activity on your PC and will perform fast scan of system files

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