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25 April 2008

Quotations with links

"As you no doubt remember, Cingular was co-owned by BellSouth and SBC, which had been Southwestern Bell and Ameritech, which before that had been Illinois Bell, Wisconsin Bell, Michigan Bell, Ohio Bell, and Indiana Bell. ... A couple of years ago Cingular bought AT&T Wireless and renamed it Cingular, but then SBC bought AT&T and changed its own name to AT&T. Then that new AT&T bought BellSouth, changing its name to AT&T, making it only logical to change Cingular into AT&T."--Stephen Colbert, quoted by Onnesha Roychoudhuri

"And like those vassals of old, we accept to be fleeced time and again for the betterment of those who already have more than plenty - piously accepting the lie that if the rich get richer, everybody else will benefit somehow in such prosperity."--Mentarch, a. k. a. Pierre

"If God, as they say, is homophobic, I wouldn't worship that God."--Desmond Tutu, quoted by Elizabeth Schmitz

"If someone doesn't have a job, they can't pay their insurance. If they can't pay their insurance, they lose their ability to register the car and their right to drive. If you can't drive, in most places in the U.S., you're really screwed in finding a job, because the public transit systems here generally suck."--Skippus

"Any time believing a certain way is important, in my opinion, you're dealing with brainwashing. And if it's so important that, unless you have the correct beliefs, you're going to hell, the stakes are raised considerably and the brainwashing is commensurably increased."--John E. Lawrence

"Even the name 'rational choice' seems to have been run through a machine to soften the harshness of this science. When we realize that gamesmanship is still such a great part of game theory, by whatever name, then such choices may not seem so rational."--WillSea

"I've said more than once that America's most profound strategic casualty in the woebegone war on terror has been its information environment."--Jeff Huber

"I've come to believe that January 2009 will resemble not so much a new beginning as it will a giant hangover, an empty wallet, and angry creditors not far behind."--Mori Dinauer

"The cost in IMMOBILITY of our emphasis on personal (auto)mobility is rarely figured into calculations about standard of living/quality of life, maybe because the immobilized constituencies are so invisible in our society."--Rachel May

"but this returns to the power problem: you have to have power to have a voice and in order to get power, your voice must be inline with all of the other powerful voices."--Danah Boyd

What's happening to my language?

I thought the past tense of "lead" was spelled "led." In my recent offline reading of online content, I've noticed a tendency toward uses of "led" in this context being outnumbered by uses of "lead" by, let's say, ten to one. Now I even see the "lead" spelling used utterly consistently (as if by editorial policy) at Progressive Historians, a website purporting to include folks with Ph.D.'s among its contributors.

This being said, the article linked from the above paragraph makes it plain that the Canadian government lead [sic] by S. J. Harper makes good on the promises implied by taking the "P" out of "PC." It's reminiscent of the purge of the moderates from the GOP in connection with the so-called Reagan Revolution.

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