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10 October 2007

Blogging meme

By way of Asperger Square 8

1. Is there a regular time of day when you compose your posts?

No, although my most creative writing occurs during the hours when everything is possible; after midnight.

2. Do you prefer to write a certain number of posts per week (or per month)?

No. My output is very sporadic.

3. Are you more likely to write a post when you're happy about the topic, or do you mainly blog when you feel like ranting?

Mainly ranting. But I strive for conflict-free language, a project very much facilitated by the fact that I do all my composing offline.

4. Do you write from notes or an outline, or are your posts mostly spontaneous?

Most of my longer posts start as a "bulleted list", with paragraph text filled in. Most recent example in this form is Time for the mitten to bite the hand

I rarely post anything spontaneously, although I did in a more innocent time.

5. Do you try to maintain a central theme for your blog and avoid random topics that don't fit the theme?

No. I started the blog as a "containment bucket" so as to avoid posting overly-opinionated content at my "ecumenical" projects (both of which are really hurting for read/write participants other than myself, BTW), pubwan scratchpad and vagrant netizen tribe. It has evolved to include both opinionated and unopinionated essays on any subject that isn't clearly apropos to the other two venues.

State-level Michigan politics is a frequent topic, and another is speculative microeconomics. Recently I have begun to blog my "web to-do lists," and "quotation compilations." More about this under "rituals" (#6)

6. Are there any interesting rituals associated with your blogging?

Yes! All of my online activity, including blogging, is highly ritualized. This is an adaptation to the fact that I have no residential internet access, so all of my online activity is at the public library. My online and offline methodology is described in considerable detail at vagrant netizen (linked to above, #5)

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