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02 November 2007

More quotations with links

"For the transhumanist movement to grow and become a serious challenge to their opposites, the bio-Luddites, they will need to distance themselves from their elitist anarcho-capitalist roots and clarify commitments to liberal democratic institutions, values and public policies."--James Hughes Ph.D.

"In Greek 'necessity'- anangke, serves also as the word for 'force,' 'constraint,' 'compulsion,' 'violence,' and 'duress.'"--Earl Shorris quoted by Jack Saturday

"Although their effect is similar, the economic laws which come into operation in an exchange economy such as capitalism are not natural laws, since they arise out of a specific set of social relationships existing between human beings."--Alan Johnstone

"Sure we need to survive, but let's acknowledge the desperation under this drive to take everything we do, are or think and try to get cash for it. It reminds me of a young child who shows her father a drawing. He playfully offers her a dollar for it and 15 minutes later she comes back with 5 more. What got lost there in between the first spontaneous artwork and the 5 subsequent calculated ones?"--szoutewelle

"Although some might disagree with me, I think the biopunk movement is pro-clone. Anything to change the way humans breed is a Good Thing. It gets us out of the mommy-daddy-baby continuum."--Annalee Newitz

"There is no third party payment scheme that allows me to ignore the fact that your time is 'worth' over twenty times per hour more than what I earn when I am working in the employ of others."--Roger N. Meyer

"I remember reading up on Carlyle in the months following 911. It was the firm that both the Bushes and bin Ladens held stock in. The private ownership dynamic certainly has had negative consequences for the public."--Bretton Jones

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