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17 November 2007

Quotations with links

"In order to get a walkable community you need density, and in order to get more density you need a regional mass transit system. It just boggles my mind that an area this size doesn't have mass transit."--Jana Ecker

"The only college degrees worth having are in the 'thousand year old professions' such as law, architecture, civil engineering, medicine."--John Lawrence

"Politicians, industrial managers, academic administrators, and other leaders often say that innovation is critical to the future of civilization, our country, their company, etc. But in practice, these same people often act as if innovation is an evil that must be suppressed, or at least tightly controlled."--Ronald B. Standler

(ideology: where you no longer have ideas but the ideas have you).--precari-punx

"When someone acts as a Roman in Rome, it doesn't promote Rome. It promotes itself."--Sharon Golan

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