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09 February 2008

Quotations with links

"Before we turn all of America into a gated community, with a 700 mile steel fence running along the southern border, we should consider the mixed history of exclusionary walls."--Barbara Ehrenreich

"...anarchists reject both privatisation and nationalisation."--Anarcho

"Tired of Poll-Driven News Coverage of Elections, Instead of Issue-Driven News Coverage? Lie to a Pollster."--Rex Frankel

"So, when my sweetie tells the Big Phone Company that his [sic] going to the Big Cable Company for Internet service, I just had to laugh. (Behind his back, of course. He's pretty irritated.) I wish him luck on that one."--Happy Chyck

"As far as state welfare goes, anarchists do not place it high on the list of things we are struggling against (once the welfare state for the rich has been abolished, then, perhaps, we will reconsider that)."--from the Anarchist FAQ

"I'll believe 'transhumanists' who claim to advocate consensual therapeutic multiculture as I do when more of them show anything like real concern about the ways in which savagely unequal distributions of authority, resources, reliable information, and legal redress duress the actually existing scene of consent in the present."--Dale Carrico

"In recent years, 'bipartisanship' and 'national unity' have usually meant meeting the GOP halfway, regardless of how far right it veers, with agreement an end in itself."--Reg

"The poor are made to feel guilty and ashamed of their poverty, their illness and their unemployment, when they should be angry."--Dave Pollard

"Shopping malls are full of security cameras, but many have signs at the entrance telling customers that no photography or video recording is allowed."--David Brin

"The quadrennial political puppet show, highlighting not opposition but its appearance, is essential to keeping the captive-taking war machine running and to inoculating the American people from the viral knowledge that they themselves were first to be captured."--James Carroll

"Thus, 'economic freedom' would mean freedom from the economy--from being controlled by economic forces and relationships."--Herbert Marcuse, quoted by Jack Saturday

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