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17 May 2008

Quotations with links

"Without the proletarian Bad Cop of the USSR, the proletarian Good Cop of Social Democracy is doomed."--JVS

"A country that displays an almost ruthless commitment to efficiency and performance in every aspect of its economy--a country that switched to Japanese cars the moment they were more reliable, and to Chinese T-shirts the moment they were five cents cheaper--has loyally stuck with a health-care system that leaves its citizenry pulling out their teeth with pliers."--Malcolm Gladwell

"I think it's pretty healthy to be somewhat skeptical of government power, but only because it's healthy to be somewhat skeptical of the power of any person, institution, or organization which has it in significant amounts."--Sportin' Life

"'Terrorism' has become a proprietary brand and the US government holds the copyright."--War in Context

"Private property has crushed true Individualism, and set up an Individualism that is false."--Dale Carrico

"We must declare our virtual selves immune to your sovereignty, even as we continue to consent to your rule over our bodies."--John Perry Barlow, quoted by Cedwyn

"...the official definition of recession has become delinked from peoples' actual experience. Right now, we're in an economy with deteriorating employment and incomes, collapsing home prices, and business retrenchment. Is it also an economy in recession? Who cares?"--Paul Krugman, quoted by Jay Stevens

"On the other hand, as tens of millions of Chinese and Indians annually join Americans and Europeans in wanting their steaks and wines - and perhaps a bit of $4 gasohol from food crops to get them to the supermarket and back - the orders of magnitude start agreeing. What we are looking at is not an example of government meddling ruining a free market, as this is generally characterized. What we are seeing is a fundamental principal [sic] of any market at work - when you don't have money, no one wants to sell you shit."--the editors of The Poor Man

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