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15 July 2010

Another likely 'sporadic E' event

Or it could be the fog. Morning of Thursday July 15, 2010 was hopping for ATSC (i.e. DTV) DX-ing from my QTH north of Detroit. Picked up the following stations:

  • 11 WTOL Toledo CBS (+ 11.2 'News 11')
  • 15 → 5 WEWS ABC Cleveland
  • 17 → 3 WKYC Cleveland NBC (+ 3.2 weather radar)
  • 23 ION, Qubo, ION Life (local Christianist station WUDT still logging as 8 → 23.1)
  • 26 → 25, WVIZ Cleveland PBS (+ 25.2, 25.3, 25.4)
  • 27 WBGU Bowling Green, OH PBS (+ 27.2, 27.3))
  • 31 ION, same routine as channel 23, above.
  • 34 → 61 WQHS Cleveland Univision

Antenna is a simple single 'bowtie' UHF antenna in the attic.

There were also those pregnant pauses suggesting the receiver really wanted to pull a signal out of digital channels 10, 12, 13, 20, 47 and 50

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