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13 November 2010

Quotebag #36

“In a Grand Rapids Press interview Betsy DeVos said, ‘We just viewed this as a really powerful way to leverage creative talents for the benefit and enjoyment of all of us.’ Do we as artists want a future where we are looked at as primarily entrepreneurs? A world where creativity becomes something more valuable when it is thought of as good business? Do we want local [arts] organizations, locally funded, providing programming selected ultimately by local boards trained to look at the arts as a commodity to be ‘leveraged’?”—Richard Kooyman, quoted by Jeff Smith

“Idealistoj neniam maljuniĝos.”—Bonulo

“If you think believing man is innately good is as destructive as believing man is innately evil, then I really have nothing to add to that. That’s your opinion, but I don’t see how it’s tenable. At any rate, are you aware of the concept of self-fulfilling prophecy? That’s what you want to be looking for.”—François Tremblay

“It isn’t about intellectual property you disingenuous fuck, it’s about sticking to a historical and intellectual tradition that existed for near a goddamn century before Murray Rothbard came along and pissed all over the work of Bakunin, Kropotkin, Tucker, et. al.”—Cory Moloney

“Corporate influence over the state extends far, far beyond the mere financing if campaigns. Energy corporations write our energy policy. Insurers write our health care laws. Paying for campy tv spots is such a minor aspect of the system. Campaign Finance Reform is just another distraction.”—matt

“See, how much happy the Ken and Dennis are working on a machine which has (IIRC, 1 MB of RAM) and look at todays kids (both 12 years olds and 35 years old idiots) how much they are in pain when they work on computers with 3.0 GHZ of CPU, 7200 RPM of HDD and 2 GB of RAM, while 10 times smaller than PDP-11. Reason: UNIX way (love) and Windows way (Idiotic).”—Arnuld Uttre

1 comment:

The Arthurian said...

Hello, LL

I tried the Cory Moloney link, but it seems that being an anarchist takes a lot of effort... I briefly wondered what Rothbard did to so-and-so, but naaa.

Then I tried the Tremblay link... started with the post itself... The first sentence I cannot understand, which makes the second one irrelevant. And then the 3rd and 4th sentences --
"People will argue that, say, one person deserves to be paid more than another because they contribute more to society. First of all, the basis of capitalism is that value is subjective, therefore such a statement reduces itself to saying that one person deserves to be paid more because they are being paid more."
-- is just plain wrong. Yes, value is subjective. Value is in the eye of the beholder. But that doesn't matter. Whatever lies behind the value judgment, the judgment of value, lies behind it. People with rare and valuable skills are paid more than people with no skills, because their skills are rare and more valuable. It doesn't matter why people find those skills valuable.

But your excerpts are interesting, I think. And hey, thanks for including me in the bag last week.


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