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06 May 2011

The Yahoo! Courriel disimprovement

Message options used to be both above and below the message. This was logical. If something was spam, you'd want to click the top "Pourriel" (formerly "Publipostage") button before reading. Otherwise, you'd read the message, and when you're done reading, where are you? At the bottom of the page. Under the old Yahoo! Courriel, you'd have a repeat of the buttons for delete, reply, déplacer (stick in a 'dossier' or folder), etc. Now one has to do a ctrl-home to go back to the top of the page.

"Marquer comme non lu" (mark as unread) no longer works on the currently open message. For a while I thought they had also gotten rid of 'précédent' (previous) and 'suivant' (next), but eventually figured out that that was what the ꜛ and ꜜ represent. One has to go to the inbox view for this feature to work. Oh well, it does say 'beta.' I'm waiting with baited breath to see if the 'alpha' version re-incorporates certain features subtracted from the 'classique' version.

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