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05 September 2006

Another suggestion for Mr. DaVos, er DeVos

If you have been reading this blog, this mensaje is for you specifically.
Between your beyond-impressive business career and your budding political career,
I see it as unlikely, but I'm assuming these days most
politicians have 'operatives' for sundry tasks including 'public opinion research'
in the form of literal dumpster diving in the blogosphere.
In any case, I feel justified if even one reader from any walk of life
considers the present post 'edifying' as an example of an 'open letter.'

Mr. DeVos, in spite of your socially conservative reputation and my
almost left-anarchist worldview, I am seriously considering supporting you.
Think of it as a mirror image of the "Republicans for Granholm" concept
unleashed at the Straits in Labor Day. But don't count your chickens just yet.
You may or may not have noted my recent post that you could be one stand-on-an-issue
away from getting my vote. The particular issue in question was queer rights,
in which I prioritize the pro-ENDA over the anti-DOM aspect of queer rights.
Since you started proudly proclaiming that Amway-as-workplace (unlike Google, at least here in MI) isn't just for salesy
personality types (any more?), I've come to believe that anything is
possible in the current gubernatorial race. This uncanny feeling is
reinforced, of course, by your opponent's DLC-on-steroids approach to things.
This pattern has been consistend and assertive:

* I strongly object to her policy of allowing the state and its political subdivisions to become even more
economically dependent on (i.e. indentured to) the gaming industry, and 'sin' taxes in general.

* Granholm's 'de facto tax' policies, including the introduction of draconian late fees
on payments for state services, and the even more regressive so-called Driver Responsibility Law.
This policy is especially diabolical as it has the highly demonstrable effect of further marginalizing the already
profoundly economically marginalized.
Perhaps you admire these for being adoptions of financial practices long considered standard in the private sector.
I don't admire this trend at all.
There are Democrats (even during these center-to-right spectrum times) who are morally qualified to
criticize the Republicans for balancing the budget on the backs of the poor.
Granholm most emphatically is not one of them.

* Touting the apparent comeback of the MIC as a potential jobs engine.
If that's not bad enough, it's worse than the Eisenhowitzer era, when the 'I' stood for the
relatively benign word 'industrial,' a word you seem to know a lot about,
although I still get the impression 'sales' still means way too much to you.
Yet...Even if I were to hire in with Amway or one of its parent companies or subsidiaries and discover,
to my almost bitter chagrin, that the workplace culture is every bit as
right-of-center as I had feared, I'd still take glorious pride in working in the
real private sector. By this I mean the P2P (private to private) type
customer base in the
spirit of B2C (business-to-consumer, your stock in trade, no?) and B2B
(you do commercial products, by any chance? I'm down w. that too.)

Special note: I was turned off by the "you got a problem with that?" punctuation to the
by now I'm sure infamous Amway PR spot, spoken with
what I (mis?)interpreted as a sort of (stereo?)typically-conservative 'swagger.'
Sombunall of us from the eastern part of the state are
acutely aware that, in the television medium anyways, Wal-Mart addresses (or so it seems to think) Canadian
viewers with a Canadian accent (in both official languages, of course), while it addresses Michigan viewers (literally 90% of the time)
with an Arkansas accent. Think about that next time you're tempted to refer to a certain Empire State Senator
as a 'carpetbagger.' I suspect such a change in perspective could prove literally profitable,
commercially or politically.

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