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05 September 2006

Apparently I'm visible
8:12 AM EDT 18-Aug-2006
Yesterday we went to the library, so I did a little blogging.Yesterday's session was especially fruitful--I actually got content to be 'visible.' Much to my relief, simplypasting one of the 'sample templates' from blogger actuallyaccomplished the task, although I hope to learn how to saythings like "add some whitespace as a margin" in bloggerese.I first became an Internet user (i.e. a netizen) way back in 1991,so I'm familiar with the concepts of FAQ, 'newbie question' and 'bandwidth conservation.' Even in those innocent times, theamount of bandwidth necessary to post just one 'article' to justone 'newsgroup' could literally cost the 'net' hundreds if notthousands of dollars. So by all means, if you've come up withsome minimalist synopsis of core bloggerese syntax, say a "pocketrefcard," it would be better netiquette not to post it as a comment(assuming 'my' blog® even offers that level of 'read-write'functionality) as chances are the information you'd be postingmight be somehow redundant by virtue of the fact that it's alreadyincluded in some FAQ somewhere in blogger's vast administrivial namespace.
Actually, we aren't living in the Halcyon Nineties any more,so why not post it anyway? The fact of the matter is, the amountof SNR degradation inherent in such a post is trivial comparedto the amount of spam that I am obliged to shovel into the computersof visitors to 'my own' 'web pages' at Yahoo! GeoCities due to the fact that I am one of the 'nonpaying customers,' i.e. thetragic part of Tragedy of the Commons; one of the commoners.So on second thought, do, if you feel so inclined, use the present blog to share whatever tutoring or tutelage in bloggerese that you're smart enough to know about.
I believe 'my' blog® actually does have the 'two way communication'featurette turned on. Try clicking one of the underscore( _ ) characters where the "post comments here" linkoid 'should' be,especially if it's a different color from the other characters.My short term computer programming education goal is to learnenough bloggerese to correct that particular cosmetic defect,ideally within two library visits.

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